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We grouped our sessions into tracks; however, attendees may select sessions from any of the available tracks. Explore our session information before registering to participate in this exciting event. Session sizes are limited so sign up for your safari now.

Review the general itinerary to obtain a better perspective on the 2006 Soup2Nuts expedition.

  • Artistic

    Bring out your inner artist. Let your artistic side shine. Soup2Nuts designed sessions and events to tantalize your imagination, inspire your creativity, and challenge your abilities. We believe these sessions will both inspire the pros and open the eyes of the beginners.

  • All Things Technical

    Pixel wrestle with Thomas Knoll, creator of Photoshop and Camera Raw. Discover how to get the perfect color correction. Take your images to new levels and demonstrate your expertise. Interested? This is the track for you. Soup2Nuts designed this track for the serious Photoshoper. Challenge yourself…


  • A Little Bit of This...

    Experience a variety of different topics - Adobe's latest software, Lightroom™, to digital imaging and the law. Look at different aspects of digital imaging.

  • Tools & Techniques

    Familiar with digital imaging but seeking a better understanding of the tools available?  How does Photoshop enhance my capabilities?  Traditional design elements with a digital twist.  Bring your gear and creativity when you attend these sessions.


  • In the Beginning

    Wonder what all the buzz is about digital imaging? The digital camera is here to stay and this is your chance to get on board with the latest and greatest tools in the industry. Photoshop Soup2Nuts designed these sessions for the beginner who wants to understand their tools. Learn about all those lenses in your bag. Learn how to use all the buttons and dials on the camera. No longer be intimidated by verbose descriptions of equipment and software. Join us for a full day of basics.


  • From the Palette

    Dissect Photoshop's tool palette and delve into some of the popular tools. Grab your magic wand and lasso as you join us to understand that real magic of Photoshop.

  • Mini Sessions

    Interested in a quick overview? Want to start with a short trip rather than the entire safari? If you cannot attend every session, you may still gain insight and interact with one of our awesome presenters during the mini sessions in our Exhibit area. Learn a few new tricks. These brief sessions are available to everyone visiting the Exhibit area.


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Photoshop Soup2Nuts is organized by the Andrah Foundation a Michigan 501c(3). Please contact Photoshop Soup2Nuts for additional information.

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